This semester has been one that had challenged me tremendously. I had learned different ways to approach issues that seem simple but they provide a sucker punch of so much information and procedures.

For me I’m not used to this towards theatrical carpentry but more with lighting. This was a semester that has taught me to allocate time for certain things. Reason being is because if I’m not able to have enough time or if I didn’t do enough planning then things will go seriously awry or the show will be severely behind.

Time management and planning have been two words that have consistently shown up through out all of these posts. Good reason for it to be because those two elements have helped me deal with a lot of issues outside from school work but also with certain aspects of my new restaurant job. If i didn’t manage my seating or quote times then the customers at my facility wouldn’t have been quite happy and I wouldn’t be calm and level headed ready to tackle my tasks.