Edward R. Murrow High School

Class of 2014

Diploma in Study of Screened Theater

  • within studying this subject matter I had learned about theater and the history of it.
  • I’ve also performed in two types of theater environments one being a theater with a counterweight arbor system for musicals and a found space converted into a black box theater for more serious works


//learned theater movement (dance)

//hanging lights

// loading counterweight arbor system

//building sets

//worked in running crew

New York City College of Technology

Graduating in Spring 2019

  • studying tracks of Technical Direction and Lighting Technology
  • learning the fundamentals of lighting design, lighting control, electrical work safety
  • learning the fundamentals of proper safety of theater, efficiency in building sets on time, communication with the rest of the creative team to get tasks done, understanding lumber orders and the needs for the theater and wood shop


//learned the intricacies of Project Management, Stage Management, and Production Management

//learned the safety requirements in regards towards dealing with power tools, pneumatic tools and electrical work

//learned how to work in a team environment with doing The Gravesend Inn

//efficient in use of an ETC Ion lighting board

//able to draft in Auto CAD

// able to draft in Vectorworks

//worked with props and paint

//understands fundamentals of scenic design