Problem 4

Problem four consisted of making sure that the set was realistic and very stable. In addition to thinking of how the load in procedure was going to be. This project was literally one where you really had to think in the mind of a technical director. My group and I had to think of the materials and the order of the load in of the show. We also had to draft out the construction drawings so the crew was aware of how to build them. Our strategy was to split the work evenly and also consult on how the load in procedure was going to be. The group and I had to communicate on how the floor was going to go first before the set so that it would be way more time efficient. The hardest part to me honestly was consistency and communication with others that had conflicting schedules. Thankfully enough we as a group were able to do that so that all pieces of the project was completed.

Theater load ins and load outs are far no less different that what this problem had presented. Theater load ins and load out have to really take into consideration of other departments so that everyone is able to do their job. This project was of the same caliber of what would’ve happened in theater but with a bit of a smaller time window and a great amount of paper work. What I can take away from this problem as mentioned for problem 2 was time management and great planning. If those two aren’t prominent, then issues will be met at the first step.