Problem 1


The problem seemed to be an easy task to tackle and understand. However, when it was time to get down the details of the problem, you really had to think of how are you going to explain to a crew member how to make a sandwich. That even includes time management. Time management plays a huge part in what this project was about. If the group was too late to get to the “venue” before the crew member is able to have 15 minutes to make the sandwich,then we would have a “fine”. Writing the instructions for the sandwich would seem like a very easy task. Unless you are able to clearly state what needs to be done, then you would confuse the crew member. Not one part of the project had dominated in anyway. How so was because the group and I were able to split the work up evenly. That had helped us solved the problem in an efficient manner. In my group we took into consideration the ingredients. This means it was debate of quality of product while paying a certain price. This was predominate in our group besides the instructions but , we have managed to get to a happy middle and not discard any ideas.

Timeliness in the real world is so essential for it shows that you’re ready to tackle whatever is thrown at you . Whereas if you’re late, then you won’t be able to get anything done, or not be able to work for the day. To my own personal opinion, there wasn’t much missing from the project that could apply to the real world.

I’ve learned that you seriously need to plan ahead the things in your problem that you know would take too long to do. Time management also plays a crucial part in this as well. Those two elements, planning and time management are huge factors in life that will help you with people liking  you at your job, or get you that promotion, or to even hand in paper work for impertinent.

I work in the restaurant industry now and How this can be applied is how long will the wait be to seat a group of people at a certain section. Or how can I be able to arrive to work earlier to prepare myself for the large parties that are going to be attending for the evening.