Problem 3

In regard to this problem, I didn’t understand what was to be done until I had further read the paperwork. I was thinking about the stability of the door as it was going to be used consistently for the show. This made it easier as how to perform tests for the door flat in particular. For this problem, we had to consider how the whole set was going be stable, in addition to the door flat being stable too. Our problem solving involved a lot of physical tests for the stability of the door flat. What my group and I had done was find stock flats and put them together with additional custom “plugs” to fill the empty gaps of the entire flat. Building the flat was very crucial for us to be able to visualize what had to be done in regards to drafting.  As a group unanimously, we had chosen to build the flat with suggestion given by McCollough. We didn’t have an idea that was scraped away for as a group we communicated what would be the best possible way to attack the problem.

In theater with building sets with doors, you really need to think about stability and also if your door is hung correctly. If your door isn’t hung correctly then the door drags on the floor and ruin the illusion to the audience that the door doesn’t function correctly. Utilizing how to hang a door correctly in theater also applies for the real world in homes. If you don’t know how to do so then the door won’t fit correctly.

In the duration of this problem, my group didn’t have of a plan going on but once we were given direction, we were able to kick start whatever work that had to be done. From this problem, I learned to better think what is the plan of action to tackle the issue at hand. For the next problem that’ll be my main concern because these project’s loads become greater.