Problem 2

Problem two was completely and utterly different. I really had to take into consideration that time management would play a greater part in addition to planning the change over. I didn’t understand the problem fully until I was knee deep within the paperwork. The main problem at hand was to change over the stage for two different performances. One was a band that had an enormous elephant painted on the stage floor and the talent show had a black floor. Besides the paint change over there was also that the stage had to be built with an incline and had to be taken in consideration of its stability. Time constraints had played a major factor as well. There was less than a few hours to transition the floor from one appearance to the other. The hardest part for my partner and I was to split up work and to discuss how the change over was to happen. We had agreed that I would draft the deck breakup so for myself I’m able to determine how the huge elephant was to broken up to be painted and the painting process for the talent show floor. My partner Marcelo had focused on how the stage incline was going to be built. With the work split up like that, we were able to get work done more quickly. Communication played a major role in this. If I hadn’t asked numerous questions in regards to the material to be used, and other methods of drafting the deck breakup, then I would’ve had a hard time with this problem.

In reality there would be major changeovers in regards towards either sets for musicians or even for theater. An example of this was in September I had attended a double headlining concert. The first band had their own set up in regards to their set and lights. Then once their song set was done, the other headlining band’s crew was setting up everything for their changeover behind a white sheet. By the time the changeover was complete, the stage looked different. The lighting set up was different too even though they were the same. how they differ was that the triangle trusses were automated so they were able to move around including the LED screen the second band had utilized. That changeover had taken half hour. Without planning in detail on how that transition would happen, then the show wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did.

What I’ve taken away from this Problem is to severely prepare anything that would require extensive planning. Besides that also take in mind what is going to be built and or painted. Take in consideration the clients that you’re going to be working with so that their requests are to be fulfilled completely.