Reading Effectively Across The Disciplines – Biology

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Reading Effectively Across The Disciplines – Biology
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This project serves to disseminate material generated by the reading initiative of City Tech. Please feel free to contribute, discuss and take part.

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Hi professor Smyth, great idea. The test is easy enough not to be intimidating and short too. It also covers basic knowledge that should have been gained in before reaching college biology. See MorePre-semester quiz

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Okay Just wanted us to be "On the same page", in so far as the dates are concerned. See MoreNew Biology 1101 Syllabus – READ Initiative

Sample Lecture Slides – Lecture 1

Here is a sample of my slides for lecture 1. I've used the textbook slides and modified them to ensure that the text is large, easy to read and consistent. In addition, I've added in the reading objectives and given the lecture structure […] See MoreSample Lecture Slides – Lecture 1

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