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The EMT 1130 Course Description goes along the following lines:

The student is trained in the proper selection and use of various hand and machine tools used in the assembly, testing and maintenance of electromechanical equipment and devices.  Students construct their own digital trainers for use in analyzing integrated circuits.

Further Details:   Students will be building their own digital trainer for use in EMT1250 Digital [Electronics] Control course.  Emphasis is on proper planning, wiring, and soldering techniques for optimal functionality by the end of the semester, which plays a major role in the final EMT1130 course grade.
Please note the following path (“permalink”) for finding the course outline/syllabus:
Intended: further updates to come soon.
EMT 1130 Course Profile Groups Site:  (Note: so far 1 document appears on the right side of the page under “Course”)
Further related Electromechanical Technology Course topics sites information:
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