Living Lab 2nd Year Fellows

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Living Lab 2nd Year Fellows
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This is a collaborative space for use by the Second Year Faculty Fellow participants in the General Education Seminar, part of City Tech’s Title V grant-funded initiative A Living Laboratory.

This seminar will concentrate particularly on the second year of the student experience at our college, a critical year for our students that focuses on collaborative assignments and projects, and associate degree capstones.


This project was created by: Maura A. Smale

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I just saw this, how great it is that you were able to recreate our experience as fellows. See MoreComment on "Our Visit to the Navy Yard"

Comment on "Video link"

such a valuable video. Thanks for sharing. See MoreComment on "Video link"

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I am posting the revised syllabus for the DEN 2311 Oral Pathology course with Gen Ed competencies. […] See MoreComment on "DEN 2311 Oral Pathology High Impact – Low Stakes Learning Practice"

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Bibliography of Teaching and Learning from NYU

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Final Presentations

Today was such a rewarding day. The work each Fellow presented is evidence of the time and dedication you put forth over the last few months. This work will help engage our students, revitalize Gen Ed and lead us towards bigger changes […] See MoreFinal Presentations

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Group 3 Activity: Survey Questions

Ladies: I am just guessing at these, since we don't have time to ask the group for questions. Questions to ask survey participants: For merchants: 1.  How long have you been participating in the DeKalb market? 2.  Has your experience p See MoreGroup 3 Activity: Survey Questions

Group 3 Activity – WorkinProgress

  Group 3 Specific Learning Outcome: Attain Competency in the gathering and critical analysis of information, using such techniques as interviewing, observation and researching primary and secondary sources. Assignment Problem See MoreGroup 3 Activity – WorkinProgress

Group 3 Collaborative Working Document

TO DO:     PARAGRAPHS DESCRIBING TASK/ASSIGNMENT: BARBARA: MELANIE: Study the Dekalb Market and its surroundings, What does the temporary space do for the dynamic of the neighborhood?  Should the market be turned into a permanent s See MoreGroup 3 Collaborative Working Document