Living Lab 2nd Year Fellows

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  • Final Presentations
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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Today was such a rewarding day. The work each Fellow presented is evidence of the time and dedication you put forth over the last few months. This work will help engage our students, revitalize Gen Ed and lead us towards bigger changes throughout the curriculum at City Tech.

    Thank you for uploading the files of today’s presentations (if you have not yet done so please upload your presentation and/or student handouts as a file on the course profile). These files will help provide evidence of our work throughout the semester.

    I would also like to send a special thanks to Robin. The success of the semester has some much to do with Robin’s insights and experience. We are all fortunate to have had her as part of the Grant. Good luck in your endeavors.

    Again, thank you to all the Fellows. Enjoy the summer.


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