Living Lab 2nd Year Fellows

Ladies: I am just guessing at these, since we don’t have time to ask the group for questions.

Questions to ask survey participants:

For merchants:

1.  How long have you been participating in the DeKalb market?

2.  Has your experience participating in the market been positive?  Why or why not?

3.  Has your experience participating in the market changed your perceptions of downtown Brooklyn?

4.  Do you have plans to continue operating a store in downtown Brooklyn once the market is no longer in its current configuration?   Why or why not?


5.  Do you have any suggestions regarding future plans for the site, or for downtown Brooklyn?

For pedestrians:

1. Do you use the DeKalb Market?

2. If yes, how often?

3. Are you a Brooklyn resident?  If yes, do you live in downtown?  If no, do you work in Brooklyn, or are you just visiting the neighborhood?

4.  What is your overall impression of the market and the use of this space?  Positive/Neutral/Negative  Please Explain.

4. Did you know that the land on which the Market sits will be developed into Brooklyn’s tallest skyscraper?

5. How would you like to see the site be used?