About Q and A

The Q & A post category is available for you to ask me questions about course content, assignments, scheduling, follow up, clarification, etc.
Be aware that other students can see your question.  Usually, that’s a good thing because they may have the same question or know the answer.  But if you don’t want your question public, feel free to send me an email

at rgreenawalt@citytech.cuny.edu

To use Q & A

  1.  Go to course site
  2. See if anyone else has already asked the same question.
  3. A.  Hover over the top toolbar where you’ll see the title Law1103 Civil Law & Procedure and click on “Dashbord”     Or
    B.   Hover over the (+) sign on the toolbar (it’s to the left of”HI, your name”
  4. Click  Post —-> “Add New”
  5.  Write your question.
  6. Choose the Q&A Category from the menu on the right hand side of the screen.
  7. Post!