Court observation

Hi my name is jessica and i have arrived at the kings county civil court today november 12th 2019 at 940 am. When i came into the court the lines was very long downstairs at the lobby and also had to get checked by security with court officers. After i got checked in i spoke with a court officer on where i need to go for court observation and was told to go to the 4th floor. I went to fourh floor and went into the civil clerk office and was told to go to one of the court rooms in the same floor. I went to room 405 on which handles la dlord tenant trial cases .i spoke to a court officer in the room explain im there for court observation as a law student and let me sat upfront to hear the cases. One case was when a tenant was suiling the landlord for tramatizing her emotionally and abadoned children at one of the apartments in the landlord building. The judge was concerned about her health and send her to a program to get mental health and pushed it for another courtdate. After when i seen in how judges make decisions in civil court us fair and listen to both sides on the case. It was a great experience to be apart of today.

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