Due Monday:  September 23: As I mentioned in class….
Answer the Review Questions for Chapter 2 (page 21) and Chapter 3 (page 38) in C&W (Civil Practice for Paralegals

Due Wednesday 9/18:   Provide me a case brief of Shaw v. Point Lookout Toys.
In a 1 page summary… identify:
1)The Plaintiff(s)
2) The Defendant(s)
3) The Court
4) The relevant facts (what do each parties claim against the other)
5)  The issue(s)  … What is the court deciding/ what is the request be.fore the court
6) The ruling… How does the court rule
7) the analysis… What reasons does the court give for why it rules the way it does.

We will discuss further in class.


Due Monday 9/16:  Finish Chapter 3  and read  Shaw v. Point Lookout Toys:
Due Wednesday 9/11 Read Chapter 3 in C& W through page 28

Due Wednesday 9/4:Read Chapter 1 in C&W
Due THURSDAY 9/5  Read Chapter 2 in C&W

Check Back Tuesday for a brief Homework assignment connected to the readings.