As we go through the readings, I expect that many of you will come across words or phrases that are either entirely unfamiliar or unfamiliar as used in their legal setting. (Hence the strong suggestion that you have access to a dictionary). Here are some Vocabulary words that I noticed in Chapter 1. Please feel free to add others that I did not include. And Yes…. some or all of these words could appear on a quiz or test.

Chapter 1
<em>res judicata
stare decisis</em>
Common Law
civil actions
criminal actions
standard of proof
preponderance of the evidence
beyond a reasonable doubt


Chapter 2
executive branch
legislative branch
judicial branch
trial court
intermediate appellate court
highest appellate court
United States District Courts (S.D.N.Y, E.D.N.Y) U.S. Tax Court, U.S. District Bankruptcy Courts
United States Courts of Appeals (13 Circuits)
Richmond County
Kings County  (former home of the Dodgers)
Queens County (go mets)
New York County
Bronx County (go yankees)
New York Supreme Court (1 for each county)
New York Supreme Court – Appellate Term (1st & 2nd Depts only)
New York Supreme Court Appellate Division (1 for each Department)
NYS Surrogate Court, NYS Family Court, NYS Court of Claims
District Court (10th district only)
Justice Courts
County Courts (appeals  from lower courts in 3rd and 4th dep’ts only)

Chapter 3
personal jurisdiction (in personam)
in rem jurisdiction
quasi in rem jurisdiction
domicile (domiciliary)
Long arm statute CPLR §302
Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Exclusive Jurisdiction
Concurrent Jurisdiction
General Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Limited Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Supplemental Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Original Jurisdiction / Original Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Appellate Jurisdiction



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