The Lams of Ludlow Street by Thomas Holton





This photograph does not have a name but is part of the gallery called The Lams of Ludlow Street by photographer Thomas Holton. “The Lams of Ludlow Street” is an investigation made by Holton to show more into the life of one Chinese family living in New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood. In the photographs is the Lam family, Holton was half-Chinese and went in search for a bond or connection to the neighborhood or the culture. For his project, his idea was to get behind closed doors and photograph more than the stereotypical images of Chinatown’s street scenes. In my opinion the mood of this photograph is peaceful, calm and playful. The little girl playing and hanging back from the window makes the photograph peaceful. I feel that when you see a child you think of innocence. The fact that she focused on playing on the gate rather than looking at the view is a child’s way of thinking. The view of the city gives the feeling of relaxation and how beautiful a city can be when you look at the whole picture.

The use of the depth of field is amazing. The city is the focus point and the girl and the gate are out of focus.Not only do you stay in awe from the city view but you can see the detail and shadows caught on every building. The angle of view is set to seem like your viewing outward almost like your there. the angle was taken looking through the gate. The framing is perfect because you get enought of the little girl and the city view as well. The pattern in the image is the windows of the buildings . The use of lines is the metela bars of the gate th diagnol one guide your eye through the photograph as well as the others. All of these things help create the mood and feeling because every small part of this photgraph was done to make you feel like your there admiring the view. ->Photographs -> the lams of ludlow street

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  1. rmichals says:

    I really like this photo too. So many immigrant parents sacrifice so that their kids can do well. I think it is very important to the series because to me it symbolizes that the child will have access to the city, the power prestige and advantages that go with that. She is not going to be trapped in a small apartment.

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