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Lorraine Hernandez Freezing Motion

I took this image and I stopped the motion of the scarf in the air. I placed her to the right which gives it the rule of thirds feel. Also the scarfs  position gives it a flow towards Jennifer it … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

  This is my personal best because I made sure the exposure was okay and then tweaked it in RAW. I love the fact that they are transparent and the lights that show through them give the sense of depth. … Continue reading

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Gallery Report

1. In the Mathew Pillsbury, Exhibit City stages I saw many images with long exposure and all had motion blur or some type of motion in the photograph. All the photographs were black and white. In every image the surrounding … Continue reading

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Lorraine Hernandez LL5 Lighting Mood

  1.I would use Traditional Portrait lighting because it is very soft and can be used for yearbook pictures or something of just a impel pose and smile. The background light helps separate the person from the background. It looks … Continue reading

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Lorraine Hernandez Lighting Direction

I think this image is beautiful because its an extreme close up and every little detail is seen. A large amount of contrast is seen in this photograph. Also I was able to make it happen because the lighting direction. … Continue reading

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Lorraine Hernandez LL2 Using Composition

I really enjoyed this photograph because of its use of high contrast. Although there is some light beyond the window its is completely dark inside. It has a strong use of vertical lines as well as some horizontal.  Also, it … Continue reading

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The Lams of Ludlow Street by Thomas Holton

      This photograph does not have a name but is part of the gallery called The Lams of Ludlow Street by photographer Thomas Holton. “The Lams of Ludlow Street” is an investigation made by Holton to show more … Continue reading

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Lorraine Hernandez Learning Log 1

This photo grabbed my attention because the diagonal angle of this moment makes it even more perfect. In the depth of field there is only the man and the cat that are in focus. The mood of this photograph to … Continue reading

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