Lorraine Hernandez LL5 Lighting Mood



1.I would use Traditional Portrait lighting because it is very soft and can be used for yearbook pictures or something of just a impel pose and smile. The background light helps separate the person from the background. It looks less flat. Also, the fill light makes the shadows softer and not so harsh. The main light is what helps everything even out and makes the shadows.


2. Side light would be used if I wanted to have a dramatic ,dark, serious and sad mood. Once part of the face is not lit it gives off a strong vibe. Disadvantage of side light is that its hard to use it mostly only works well with series moods.

3. I would use a front light for a joyful, cheerful photograph. It lightens the feature of the face and helps set the mood to be soft bright and playful. The disadvantage of front light is it’s hard to it wouldn’t work well with a serious expression.

4. I would use wide angle distortion if I wanted to make a funny or silly photograph. It makes the distortion to a point where everything is either to big or to small. The proportion would be off and it would not be a very serious or happy picture.

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