Gallery Report

Aperture Gallery

Nancy Burson’s gallery: This gallery was one of my favorites because of the strangeness to all the images. The images were of animals faces mixed in with other types to make a weird mix of new animal. The whole gallery was very strange and interesting which l really enjoyed being there.

Matthew Pillsbury gallery :What really caught my attention was the use of long exposure time to create a transparency effect that make the City look like it has life and movement. The photos are all black and white. Also in one they use a low angle to make the object look huge.

Wijnandoo Deroo’s exhibit: The Gallery was very symmetrical throughout her work. Her work was mostly architecture of building and museums. All the work had a lot of strong vertical and horizontal lines. It looks like most of her images were all plan out and came out amazing.

The Marie Cosindas: This gallerys where mostly fogy and interesting. It had a lot of use of shadows which really brought out each image.

Reiner Gerritsen’s exhibition: This gallery reminded me of  Matthew Pillsbury exhibition.They both had cityscapes and urban life. Gerritsen’s  shot of the people riding the train was very interesting it showed the many faces that board the train. The gallery is a great representation of New York and its diversities.

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My name is Leslie Picon, I'm a female student. I attend City Tech, and my major is Advertising Graphic Design.
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