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About Leslie Picon

My name is Leslie Picon, I'm a female student. I attend City Tech, and my major is Advertising Graphic Design.

Gallery Report

Aperture Gallery Nancy Burson’s gallery: This gallery was one of my favorites because of the strangeness to all the images. The images were of animals faces mixed in with other types to make a weird mix of new animal. The whole … Continue reading

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Painting with Lights-Leslie Picon

This image is my favorite because the halo looks like there is this a fairy. Also I love the color of the wings. When we did this we had 3 people and also the shot was in 20 seconds. I … Continue reading

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Leslie Picon-Freezing Motion

This image was taken by throwing the ball multiple times. Also I had to keep at it until we got this shot. Which shows me throwing the ball almost about to hit the camera. I really like this image because … Continue reading

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Motion Blur

  This is my favorite out of the 10 images we picked. The person on the elevator looks like a ballerina dancing. The person actually just got in the elevator and turn around. We got this image by waiting by … Continue reading

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Leslie Picon LL5

  Q1.When and why would you as an art director or a photographer chose traditional portrait lighting with a main light,fill and background light for a portrait? Using traditional portrait gives a soft feeling to the face. Also it makes … Continue reading

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Portrait Basics

    The key light brings out the light and darkness of the portrait. Also it brings out the triangle that’s in the models face. Fill light makes the persons face lighter. The background light makes the person to not … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

When we added the side light it made both flowers have high contrast and  the yellow flower looks really bright. The light is facing the left side of the flowers. The feeling of this image reminds me of a couple. … Continue reading

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LL2Using Composition Leslie Picon

  I like this image because of the curve,Close up, and high contrast. It makes the image details stand out a lot. And mostly the chair is focused which is shallow depth of field. This image is also a medium … Continue reading

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The Lams of Ludlow: Leslie Picon

This photograph named The Lams of Ludlow Street was taken by Thomas Holton. The subject matter is knowing how a Chinese family is living in New York’s Chinatown. The photographer is half chinese but he never lived in Chinatown but … Continue reading

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This image shows Agriculture that looks like a patter because of its continuity. The lines of wheat field makes me feels like it goes on forever with the pattern.  

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