The Lams of Ludlow: Leslie Picon

The Lams of Ludlow Street

This photograph named The Lams of Ludlow Street was taken by Thomas Holton. The subject matter is knowing how a Chinese family is living in New York’s Chinatown. The photographer is half chinese but he never lived in Chinatown but his grandfather did. Holton wanted to experience what a Chinese family lived like. So he stayed in Shirley and Steven’s house and went everywhere with them. When looking at this photograph I feel a sense of narrowness, and happiness. The family looks happy even though they barely have space. Also the room feels small because of all the clothes that are hanged.

There is framing in this photography of the family. The framing is the family since it’s the main point of the photographer’s idea.  There is a diagonal line in the table all around. The image has a focal point which the framing helps to identify. Which is the family together smiling. The image gives of a  narrow feeling because of the table. Since it’s taking a lot of space.

About Leslie Picon

My name is Leslie Picon, I'm a female student. I attend City Tech, and my major is Advertising Graphic Design.
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  1. rmichals says:

    The family is certainly surrounded. I think the table even seems to pin them in to all the chaos. But I agree they do look happy. A strong family can overcome a lot.

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