Gallery Report: Class Trip

Gallery 1: City Stages by Matthew Pillsbury.

In this exhibit, it contains the work of Matthew Pillsbury. The entire gallery contains his photography in black and white. The main subject for his work focus on a city life or urban environment. His photography style is by using long exposure to capture the element of the image by creating blurry effect or moving effect. His work of arts allow us to feel in a certain psychologically way. This is because of the usage of black and white effect. With all his photography there is a certain image with shallow depth of field. Most of his image was taken at a eye level and very few with a high angle.

Gallery 2: Rijksmuseum by Wijnandoo Deroo

In this exhibit, it contains the work of Wijnandoo Deroo. The gallery of her work is mainly focuses on perspective, distance inside a building. What I love about her work is that she manage to capture her image evenly creating a very good use of symmetry and balance. It make the viewer to feel like they are actually inside the photo. It also gives a good sense of space for the image. The photographer uses a very good amount of framing for his photo. Mainly she uses long shot to capture the perspective of her environment she was in. It was taken mostly at a eye level viewpoint.

Gallery 3: Arrangements by Marie Cosindas

This exhibit gives off a different feeling. The gallery focuses mainly on landscape with additional of few portrait. The landscape photography gives off a very mysterious feeling because of the image being black and white and additional of some foggy environment. It feel like the viewer is watching a psychological horror film. Especially with the photo with just two small girl toward the bottom while the rest is just foggy sky. Her entire landscape photo came out being very soft. Having a soft looking image, it definitely gives off even more mysterious feeling. Couple of images was able to demonstrate the rule of thirds. The images was taken at a certain eye level.

Gallery 4: Metro by Reiner Gerritsen, Adam Magyar, David Molander

This exhibit allow us to explore the New York City life style. The photographers manage to capture the one of the biggest NYC experience we can ever image, the subway ride. Within just looking at it, we can image what was going on and how they were feeling. For a typical New York citizen, we have to deal with train issue. The common emotion we have to face while being in the train is frustration, anger, annoyed, sad, depressed, tired, etc. The photographer wanted to give the viewer a sneak peek of what it is like to be on the NYC subway.

Gallery 5: The Heart and The Eye by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank.

The entire exhibit photo was capture during the 1950’s. The photographer capture the people lifestyle during the 50’s. One of the photo that was taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson was able to demonstrate the perfect moment of the activity. The photographer was able to frame the image with a medium shot.

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  1. rmichals says:

    Good report.

    Now that we have spend a few classes thinking about motion and after we consider depth of field for the next two weeks, I hope the two kinds of blur in a photograph will be clear in your mind. Pillsbury uses motion blur and to make sure that the only blurriness is from motion, he also uses extensive depth of field.

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