Cours la Reine, Michael Kenna

The local photographer I choose is Michael Kenna. Michael Kenna was born in Widnes, England in 1953, his passion for the arts led him to study painting and then photography.Ā Kenna often photographs at dawn or in the dark hours of night. Ā Kenna’s prints have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the world (Joseph Bellows Gallery – Michael Kenna – Biography).Ā This photograph is calledĀ Cours la Reine,Ā Paris, France, 1987 from the Paris, France 1984-2011 Collection. Cours la Reine is a public park and garden promenade located along the River Seine and itā€™s one of the oldest parks in Paris, created in 1616 by Queen Marie de Medicis in Paris (Cours-la-Reine).Ā The mood of the photograph is vibrant and illuminating like the dawn of a new day or light at the end of a tunnel.


In this stunning photograph depth of fieldĀ is in deep focus. The black and white contrast seems to cover the entire grey scale from all the shades of light to dark. Also, the vantage point in this photograph seems to be from what appears to have been taken from a low centeredĀ position. Lines that are present are that of the trees which are vertical, meanwhile the paths short wallĀ  creates a thick line, that guides our eyes as it recedes into to distant vanishing point.Ā The trees do a wonderful job of framing the pathway making the path in the distance the primary focus.Ā It manages to make this open-space feel optimistic all whileĀ it appears inviting. Although the picture is in black-and-white it has a feel of vibrancy. Its mysteriousness appears to draw you in with curiosity and hope.

Ā I enjoyed looking through Michael Kennaā€™s site and found his work very impressive. It was difficult to narrow down to which photograph that I liked the best.


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  1. rmichals says:

    Nicely stated. I am glad that you were interested enough to find out a bit about the photographer.

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