Hw#1: Boardwalk on Mini Cooper

Photographer: Susannah Ray



Boardwalk on Mini Cooper, Oct 2013

Looking at this photo of Far Rockaway,Queens boardwalk on a mini cooper is devastating. One of the reasons why I chose this photo is because I’m from the Rockaways so this photo impacts me a lot. This image shows how severe hurricane sandy impacted the Rockaways whereas the hurricane demolished the boardwalk and many homes. I will consider the mood of this photo as sad and tragic because it’s heart-breaking to see how a hurricane destroyed part of our city. I know a few friends who lost their loved ones and are now homeless. Luckily my mom has an apartment in a building where the water didn’t go up so high. Far Rockaways is currently using generators until everything is fully recovered. I guess being surrounding by water has its pros and cons.

Referring to the term line and pattern the photographer use line and pattern in the houses captured in this photo as well as the lines in the boardwalk. The color (Red) of the mini cooper makes viewers focus on it more than anything else in this photo at first. Having houses on both sides of the photo resembles framing because it centers the boardwalk on the cooper as well. Other objects are brighter with color such as tan, white and light grey. From the sand leading to underneath the boardwalk I was able to identify the contrast from light to dark. The Angle of view from this photo show that this was captured from eye-level and from personal experience and knowledge, I was able to determine that the photographer Susannah Ray took this photo with her back towards the beach where the boardwalk originally was and she was standing in the middle of the street. All of these elements show that the mood of this photograph is terrifying and sad due to the destruction shown in this photo and also the boardwalk being on top of the mini cooper  symbolizes how strong the hurricane was.

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  1. rmichals says:

    This photo while still showing that the boardwalk was far from where it should be would not have been as strong if the car had been black or white. The red is key. Also, you identify eye-level as implying personal experience. It certainly gives the feeling of being there.

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