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LL8 – Final Evaluation

Three concepts I learned this semester are: How to effectively use studio and natural lighting to enhance my photographs. This will be extremely useful as lighting is everything in a photograph, and the amount of light directly impacts the mood, … Continue reading

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Painting With Light

  This is my favorite from our “Painting with Light” session today. We took this photo in conjunction with the strobe light and utilizing a second person (who is hiding below before the strobe went off) who painted the light … Continue reading

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2 Best – Lighting 11-13-13

The picture taken above uses what is known as beauty lighting. I like how the lighting gives her a soft glow. This type of effect produces very little shadows and was created by have a light directly in front of … Continue reading

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LL5 – Lighting

Three point lighting is set up using anywhere from 1-3 light sources. The lights used are the key light, fill light, and background light.Ā The key light is used as the main light source that can either light the front or … Continue reading

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LL4 – Lighting

  This is my favorite photo of class today and it was taken with a side light spotlight with a honeycomb filter. Ā The lighting from the side really brings out the texture of the leaves down to the small and … Continue reading

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Gallery Report

1. Pace Gallery: Irving Penn, On Assignment The exhibit at this gallery was on the work of Irving Penn and showcased his work over the course of his lifetime. A large portion of his work shown was of people, with … Continue reading

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There are quite a few differences between theĀ daguerreotypes we saw today and the photographs I have taken this semester. TheĀ daguerreotypes we saw today were all posedĀ human subjectsĀ in a studio type setting with neutral expression on their faces. These images were … Continue reading

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LL2 – Exposure

  This week we learned about exposure and the balance between light and dark in photos. I chose the above photograph as my most successful because of the high contrast between lights and darks in the photo. I find it … Continue reading

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  This is my favorite photograph from today’s lesson and is successful because it uses multiple elements that we learned in class today. The low angle makes the chair look larger, taller and important. The chair is also situated on … Continue reading

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HW1 – Daniel Oliverio

Photograph: A Woman Waiting in the Doorway, 1976 by Dawoud Bey (photo #4 of 22) I chose the photo “A Woman Waiting in the Doorway, 1976” by Dawoud Bey because it is a simple photograph that makes me contemplate … Continue reading

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