Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 12, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008 (15th photograph)

I was awe awestruck by the photograph, Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 12, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008 by Michael Kenna. This photograph is a black and white picture of a lone tree in the snow with a mountain and lake in the background. I was moved by nearly all of Michael Kenna’s photographs, but I felt in touch with this photo because it gives me a sense of wonder. I like this photograph because it looks so simple at first, but there is something complex about it. I enjoy fine art and I am immediately drawn to pieces that look hand drawn or painted. This photograph, like many of his pictures look like chalk coal drawings. His photographs are great pieces of strong composition that follow many or a few principles of art and design.

The photograph Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 12 uses many of the principles and elements of art and design. The placement of the tree to the background gives this photo movement. Placing the tree to the right makes this lone tree photo dynamic and interesting looking because it creates a strong diagonal. There is very high contrast as this is a black and white photo with the almost black tree as the main focal point. This asymmetrical photograph is interesting to look at because the horizon line gives additional contrast to this picture. The top has plenty of serene white space interrupted my some branches, while the bottom gradually becomes more intricate with diagonal lines that form the lake and light and dark values. These elements of design drew my attention to this photograph because of its complexity.

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