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what I learned

Please list and describe three concepts that you learned in this class. Include how you think knowing these things will help you in the future. I learned a lot about photography in this course that I feel like I have … Continue reading

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painting with light

The shutter speed of this photo is 5.0 with a strobe light. I like this photo because the light looks like fire coming out of his hands & the light on his face looks like its being illuminated by the … Continue reading

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lighting basics

The three points of lighting in photography is main light, fill and background light. Main light is the light used to light the subject. Its usually the light with the soft box or umbrella. Fill light adds light to the … Continue reading

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Gallery Review

Irving Penn, On Assignment My first impression of Irving Penns photography was that they were mostly sharp, high contrast and black and white. After walking through and reading more on Mr.Penn, I learned he was a commercial photographer that worked … Continue reading

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Write a post of at least 200 words comparing the daguerreotype that you handled today at the Brooklyn Historical Society and any digital photograph that you have taken this semester. How does the format change the experience of both taking … Continue reading

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LL2- Exposure

The class meet as a group at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on a very nice sunny day. I brought my Canon DSLR  and was eager to learn what I was suppose to do with my camera. Prof. Michals explained how … Continue reading

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H.W#2 6×6

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href=””> I chose this photo because It felt balanced in a chaotic environment and it has a limited color palette. This photo features the chair in the center of a computer and two printers. It is balanced with a clear … Continue reading

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Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 12, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008 (15th photograph) I was awe awestruck by the photograph, Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 12, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008 by Michael Kenna. This photograph is a black and white picture of a lone … Continue reading

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