Western Typefaces—A Quick Look

infographic of typeface history

I came across this really cool and informative infographic about the history of typefaces. I highly recommend checking it out. The design of this is great too. It’s easy to follow, and as I mentioned, it is full of information.

The infographic below presents a history of typefaces, incorporating fun tidbits from tech, pop culture and the web. Do you know what font the Google logo is? What about Facebook? Take a peek below to learn these and more.

Take a look at the full image, A History of Western Typefaces. Also observe the way the type in this design is used and the elements that lead you to follow information.

Behind the Scenes

As graphic design students, you probably wonder how all the courses you have to take will fit together, and what you’ll do once you graduate. Do you see yourself getting a job at a ad agency or a publishing house? Or maybe you have a vision of starting your own design firm. Here is a video from Adobe TV that gives a glimpse inside a small studio call Dress Code. Take a look. Did you learn something about graphic design that you didn’t know before? If so, what was it?

Behind the Design with Design Studio Dress Code