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One World Trade Center LogoAs you may know from the construction down at the World Trade Center, a building is going up to replace the Twin Towers. A London-based company has designed a logo for the new building. Take a look at the other variations and answer the following questions. THIS IS A REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT. LEAVE YOU ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.

Take a look at the different variations… (click here)

What is your perception when you see this new logo? Do you like it or not? What about it do you like or not like? Of course the events of 9/11 were very tragic, and even almost 11 years later, memories are very emotional for some. Does the logo evoke certain feelings or emotions for you? Do you agree with some of the comments in original post?


Students, if you  have not visited the construction going on down at the WTC, I recommend you take a train ride down there. As residents of the city, you should at least know what is going on. ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER is the address of the new building replacing the Twin Towers. The name of the building is the Freedom Tower. Don’t get hung up on 9/11. Answer the questions in light of the design as a designer.

17 thoughts on “Logo Evaluation: One World Trade Center

  1. Honestly, I kinda like the logo. I like how the logo complements the top of the new building and how it uses the spire to create that empty space that zeroes usually use. There’s really just nothing that I don’t like about it, it’s perfect in my opinion. It’s not so over-the-top and it has that simple, professional and solemn look to it. I loved the variation where the logo had the sky as its background, almost as if it were implying and showing to the world that it was a new beginning – a new, bright era coming from an old era that ended so tragically, violently and unexpectedly.

    The logo also kinda does bring out some emotions that have roots back to 9/11 because I actually watched the North Tower collapse with my own eyes from Grand Street with my mom.. I was 7 years old. But it also brought up feelings from before 9/11.This logo sorta reminded me of how the Windows On The World logo was like up at the 107th floor of the North Tower.. seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_on_the_World
    It was a high-end public restaurant with amazing views from every angle, that obviously perished along with the rest of the building.

    It reminded me of the old logo because the old logo serves as a reminder of how proud the old era was of its achievements. It’s a simple and old-fashioned logo, but that’s exactly my point – it serves as a window into the past. And when I look at this new logo, it feels like this will be the face of the new era for this place. The thing that actually gives the World Trade Center more cultural reference and make it more well known.

  2. I honestly do not like the logo, it seems overly symplistic and plain, and it does not match the past beauty of the origional world trade center. The World trade center should not have such a long showy spire, I think it cheapens the general design. I would have liked to still have 2 buildings represent the World Trade Center even if it does bring back memories of 9/11, I think it’s important that we do not forget and the new building should be a reminder of the previous ones.

    • Sean did you understand that this is not a logo for the Twin Tower? It is for the new building that its going up now–1 World Trade Center is the address of the building which is also known as the Freedom Tower.

      • Yeah I am aware that it’s a new building and its one world trade center, but I still think the design is boring and plain. I don’t like the logo or the new building. I would have preffered something similar to the previous world trade center.

        • Well, it wouldn’t make sense to do something similar to the previous building when the new building looks so different… do you know what the logo for the Twin Towers was or if there was a logo?

          • No, I don’t think there was one but the buildings were kind of the logo in themselves, I think that the design for this new freedom tower is much more common, like I’ve seen it so many times before. Maybe I would have preffered something more about it being called the freedom tower, like an american flag or something showing freedom instead of just the word “one” and a silhouette of the building.

  3. The terrific moment of 9/11 comes to my mind, when I see this logo. If I am not thinking of this terrific moment, I like this logo. I like the building appearing from the letter “O”. The pillar gives me a feeling of the tallest one, no other building can compare with this. This is the number one of the World Trade Center. I have no idea what is the meaning of “ONE”. However, when I see this logo, it gives me the feeling that this is the tallest building in New York. We cannot find the other one.
    In fact, the logo evokes a certain feeling for me, it is very sad. Some children lost their parents, and some lost parts of their bodies; this is a very bad feeling. It also let me to remember the event of Tiananmen Square in June 04, 1989. In Beijing, hundreds, and possibly thousands of people were killed in the Tiananmen Square. Tiananmen Square and World Trade Center must not be forgotten in my mind.
    I am not protesting the logo. For me, it is the same meaning of the 9/11 Memorial. I agree that Memorial is not just a list of names. It reminds the people about the event of 9/11. If there is no logo, there is no Memorial. We still can find out what happened at that time on the website, or at the visitors center. I agree with some of the comments in original post. It makes sense that all of these separate memorial elements show at least some form of visual cohesion. In Hong Kong, every year on June 04, they also have an event to remember the students died at Tiananmen Square.

  4. This is a fairly successful logo. There is no escaping the history of 9/11, and the purpose of this logo is not to recreate what existed previously. The logo has an appropriately weighty feel to it, and I like the usage of negative space. I think the most successful iteration is the version shown at the top of this page – the simple grey background. I don’t necessarily agree with the comments made on the original posting – one person asked why we are creating a logo for this when we aren’t creating logos for other tragic events in our history, which isn’t really the point of this logo at all. In any case, I think the logo works.

    • Good point Jasmine… most times a logo is only created if someone commissions and pays for it. Everything today is about branding and creating an identity. If you walk around the WTC area you can’t miss the logo for the 9/11 memorial. Although there is still construction, they want you to recognize the symbol and follow it to the location.

  5. I have mixed feelings about the logo.
    1) I like the logo because it something different from the old logo. With the new design, it allows us to kind of move forward from the tragedy but yet not forget what happened that day. The new logo represents a new chapter in the 9/11 tragedy; one that say we will always stand back up in the face of adversity.

    2) I had hoped that the designer would’ve included something from the old logo to accompany the new logo. I understand that 9/11 will never be forgotten but I feel that a completely new logo without any incorporation of the old seems as if we just want to forget.

    • Well Chanthorn, it’s a completely new building… shouldn’t that warrant something completely new? Of course, this building would not have been built if 9/11 hadn’t happened, but try to separate this design for this building from the previous event.

  6. I like the logo, I think the message it delivers is pretty strong. I prefer the flat one without any kind of gradient on it, I dont think its necessary at all. Feels to me like the longer you look at it the more it makes you imagine the twin towers as if they were still there just by staring at the logo for a period of time, especially with the top of the tower creating the letter “O”. It doesn’t really send any kind of message that would show some kind of respect to the old towers and the numerous lives lost but in my opinion it is the logo for the new building so it should not be taken into consideration as much becuase there are, and always will be, the memorial fountains in the place of the towers and it is their purpose to pay that respect, not the new logo’s that is created for the new World Trade Center that is being built.

  7. The logo has a sleek look to it but i think the designers could have done a little better in it’s design. Although, there are some good qualities to the logo design and also among the different variations of the logo. The one with the gradient has a nice attraction to it and gives the feeling of a more elegant appearance . Another opinion i have is for them to change that insignia inside the O. The whole incident of 9/11 will never be forgotten and so should the logo.

  8. i feel like the logo being used is far to bland, the second one is nice but i personally don’t like to the glass part of it. The third one to me is the best, as it shows a picture of the sky. To me that picture means there building a new skyscraper with no limits, which is kind of a big thing in America. Honestly i don’t have much of a feeling for the 9/11 incident. Im not happy about it, nor am devastated by it. I live out in Long Island so i was near it but no one i personally know was affected by the incident so to me its just another thing that has happened. The comments seem a little harsh and off topic. Some of them are berating someone for making the Logo while others seem to be going off topic and not even talking about it. The comments don’t seem to be very usefull.

  9. I honestly feel that the logo to me isn’t powerful enough. After the horrible event that was 9/11 i feel that the logo for the new building is suppose those to provoke those previous feelings. I feel that the logo of the new build suppose to make its reader feel proud that we had gotten past that tragedy and make you feel proud to be a New yorker/ american etc. Though I feel that the logo is clean however I feel that it is to simple in design to represent the rebirth of the world trade center.

  10. I think this logo is successful. the “one” symbolizes how we should feel as a country, and humanity as a whole: that we are the all same and should live together in harmony. The color symbology also creates a feel of calmness and tranquility with a deep blue. these are feelings that are hopefully aroused by the presence of this new building.

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