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As graphic design students, you probably wonder how all the courses you have to take will fit together, and what you’ll do once you graduate. Do you see yourself getting a job at a ad agency or a publishing house? Or maybe you have a vision of starting your own design firm. Here is a video from Adobe TV that gives a glimpse inside a small studio call Dress Code. Take a look. Did you learn something about graphic design that you didn’t know before? If so, what was it?

Behind the Design with Design Studio Dress Code

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. This is one of the things I really love about being a Designer. All you need is a good team, imagination, and some connections and you can start your own little business very easily and make your way up there by doing simple advertising in the beginning starting with just simple party flyers going up to designing different movies posters, commercials, and all the huge, money making, projects. What I learned from the video is that it is definitely an advantage to be good in more than just one category as a designer, just like we talked about it in the class once you start doing web design, might as well start focusing on photography to provide the pictures for your page as well, and on top of that if you’re interested in music mixing at the same time you could also create music for the same page you have just created yourself,from scratch, as well. It all collaborates in the end.

    “…design is like soccer its all about surprises and doing things when people dont expect them…” (nice quote)

    • Yes Sylwester, it is very important to diversify your skills as a designer. You will stay employed and in business longer if you do. Also, it is a good idea to align yourself with other designers who may have a different strength than you. Then you can collaborate on projects together. Just like the 2 guys in the video. I’m sure they have different strengths that work well together.

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