Using a Typeface to Improve a City’s Image

Can a typeface really help to improve a city’s image? There are a few people in Chattanooga who think so. It’s a project of a few designers and brand specialists. The city has begin going through a comeback and the designers want the city to accentuate the city’s potential to become the “Silicon Valley of the East Coast.”

Excerpt from Can a Font Help a City Make a Comeback?

Known in the 1960s as one of the country’s filthiest cities, Chattanooga has managed to clean up its act and its image in recent years, with a redeveloped riverfront and an artist relocation project. But the city’s “brand” is out of date and doesn’t live up to the creative energy on the ground, according to the team members.

Take a moment to read the full article and tell me if you think a font can help a city rebrand itself. If New York City had it’s own font, what aspect of the city would the typeface design portray?

Western Typefaces—A Quick Look

infographic of typeface history

I came across this really cool and informative infographic about the history of typefaces. I highly recommend checking it out. The design of this is great too. It’s easy to follow, and as I mentioned, it is full of information.

The infographic below presents a history of typefaces, incorporating fun tidbits from tech, pop culture and the web. Do you know what font the Google logo is? What about Facebook? Take a peek below to learn these and more.

Take a look at the full image, A History of Western Typefaces. Also observe the way the type in this design is used and the elements that lead you to follow information.