Western Typefaces—A Quick Look

infographic of typeface history

I came across this really cool and informative infographic about the history of typefaces. I highly recommend checking it out. The design of this is great too. It’s easy to follow, and as I mentioned, it is full of information.

The infographic below presents a history of typefaces, incorporating fun tidbits from tech, pop culture and the web. Do you know what font the Google logo is? What about Facebook? Take a peek below to learn these and more.

Take a look at the full image, A History of Western Typefaces. Also observe the way the type in this design is used and the elements that lead you to follow information.

1 thought on “Western Typefaces—A Quick Look

  1. In the article of Western typefaces, I find that the catul font debuts in the Google logo in 1999. However, I do not know what the font of catul looks like. In 2004, Joe Kral designed the Facebook logo, which features a modified version of Klavika bold. Most of the information on this article I do not know. The only thing that I know is Microsoft office replaced Times New Roman with Calibri as the default typeface in 2007. I know the typeface has been changed because I use a Microsoft Word often. When you go to Microsoft Word, there are a lot of fonts that you can choose. However, I use only one or two of them that I use frequently. In our life, many things are changing; but, we do not know. This is the same as the Google and Facebook that I mentioned before.

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