Wine Shop Analysis

Table WineĀ JacksonĀ HeightsĀ 

Outside view of the wine storeĀ 

I am not too fond with how the wine shop looks from the outside it looks like a generic store the font on the banner is small which makes it hard to find. The purple banner makes Ā blends the wine shop blend in with all the other stores on this block. The window decoration is cute there is lights dangling around the wines on display and they have a vintage wagon with their best wines.

This is how the the shop looks from the inside

Inside view of the shop 2

Back of the wine shop

When I entered the wine shop I was immediately greeted by the staff and I was asked if I’ve gone to their store before I told them I haven’t and they gave me an overview of their entire store and asked what I needed help with. I really liked the fact they give every new customer a quick overview of the store that is a really different and nice Ā approach to your new customers it really made me feel welcomed and made me want to definitelyĀ come back. I asked to speak to the owner because Im currently studying wine at CityTech and the person who greeted ended up being the owner. He has had his business here for about 10 years, him and his wife own the establishment and they themselves to have studied wine and love how its processed and made. The way they set up their shop was popular sold wines were in the front and the rest was organized by country, region and vintage and display only six bottles of every wine on the shelves. The shop isn’t so small but isn’t big, I wish the shop was a bit bigger its somewhat tight space if there are more than than four customers. This shop seems to be well known in the neighborhood it was t busy when I came to visit.

Wine One: Shelf Talker

Red Wine Vigneti Del Sole 2017

This shelf Talker is a red wine from the region of Abruzzi which is located in Italy and has a red grape variety of Montepulciano and the producer isĀ  Vigneti Del Sole.

Wine Two: Red Wine From Spain

Vina Cubillo 2009

This is a red wine from the region of Rioja which is located in Spain and has a red grape variety of Tempranillo and the producer is Lopez De Heredia.

Wine Three: Sparkling Wine Not From France

Canals & Munne 2015

This is a Sparkling wine from the region of Cava which is located in Spain and has a white grape variety of macabeu,xarello, and parellada and the producer is Cava canals and munne.

Wine Four : Red Wine From Croatia

Plavina 2016

This is a red wine from the region of Dalmatia which is located in Croatia and has a red grape variety of plavina and the producer is Pillzota.


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