Retail Wine Shop Assignment

Retail Analysis f18

Visit a retail wine store (a suggested list is on the back of this page). Review the store set-up and analyze the benefits/drawbacks of the store. Compose an essay analyzing the store’s attributes/weaknesses.

Role and Audience
As a student studying wine you will be in the role of investigator, seeking out a better understanding of various styles of wines. Important Note: It is best to call the retail store in advance in an effort to arrange a meeting time with a manager or other store employee. Make sure to let that employee know what you are doing and why you are visiting the store. Ask permission to take photographs (many store employees will be weary of a person walking in and taking photos).
The audience of the paper is anyone interested in visiting a retail wine shop.

Format (two stages)
Stage 1, week 4: Bring to class three questions you will ask the retail store employee/manager
Stage 2, week 8:
o Create a new post on the OpenLab for the analysis
o Minimum of four descriptive images including at least one of each of the following: “Shelf Talker”, red from Spain, sparkling wine not from France and a red wine from a region you did not know made wine.
▪ For each image, explain what is portrayed in the image
o Comment on at least two other student’s posts
o ALTERNATIVE FORMAT, upon discretion of the instructor: Include the above requirements in an APA format essay

This assignment will be assessed for the clarity of information communicated about wine available from various regions and how it is presented to consumers in a retail shop. Students should be able to analyze and interpret the attributes/weaknesses of the retail shop. Comparing two different retail shops is strongly suggested.
The analysis should be 375-425 words in length.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this project, students will be able to:
a. recognize fermented beverages and where they are produced;
b. recognize and define wine terminology;
c. discuss the sale and service of alcoholic beverages

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