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Grand Wine and Liquor









For my Retail Wine Shop after looking at my options from Queens I had decided to go to Grand Wine and Liquor store. I went straight from college to this wine store and the trip was easy and commute was only 20mins away from the college. Once I got off the subway the wine store was right across the street and it was very easy to fine. Only thing that was weird was I had to look at the wine store twice because just to make sure it’s was a wine store not some clothing store or something different. From the outside it would be difficult for someone to tell it was a liquor or even a wine store if they didn’t have a sign. Seeing just the windows from far, it could be confused for something else. After I entered the wine store, the store was huge and had a lot of options for wine. As I walked in the employee greeted me with a smile, and was willing to help me with any questions I had. So I walked around the wine store and checked out all the wine to see where everything was placed. After I walked around I approached the employee that was working there, I asked may I please speak to a manager on duty at the moment. The manger on duty was Jamie; she walked out, she greeted me with not so happy look on her face but she was willing to help me with all my questions I had. She was surprised that I just walked in to talk to her without emailing her or giving her a heads up. After all of that she gave me 5-10minutes of her time. I first asked her was how long has this store been opened up for? She answers by replying Jack Battipaglia, longtime owner who opened up this shop seventy-five years ago, it is still up and running. Jack had a huge heart for the community and touched the lives of many people in the community. Jack lived his life with full of love, laughter, and good; cherishing and placing family above all. After speaking to the manager Jamie, she had answered my questions and then walked over to show me all the wines in the store.

 Bodegas Lan Rioja Crianza- Spain, Intense red cherry color.

Wine #1 ” Shelf Talker”









Wine #1- “Shelf Talker” Bodegas Lan Rioja Crianza- Spain Price $14.99 Intense red cherry color. Aromas of red fruits, strawberry and cranberry framed by fine nuances of vanilla and toffee. Silky and structured on the palate, it has a long lasting and satisfying finish to wine.

Wine #2- Red From Spain- Bodegas Ego Infinito











Wine #2 Red from Spain- Bodegas Ego Infinito

Intense and dark cherry red color with purple edges. High layer. Clean and bright. Dense tear that lightly dyes the glass.

Delicate, persistent bubbles. Fresh, intense aromatic bouquet on the nose.

Wine #3- Coppiere Prosecco Italy










Wine #3- Coppiere Prosecco Extra Dry- Italy 

Delicate, persistent bubbles. Fresh, intense, aromatic bouquet on the nose. On the palate it is mouth filling , with rich flavors of white stone fruit.


Wine #4- Red Wine (Region you did not know made wine.) Lanterna- Plava Mali Dalmatia










Wine #4- Red Wine (Region you did not know made wine.)

This wine is from Croatia because a lot of their customers

are greek and eastern european in the neighborhood which love to

buy this of wine.

Picture of the Store


4 thoughts on “Retail Wine Shop Analysis

  1. You are the second person I’ve seen visit this wine retail store and I must agree that from the outside, it doesn’t look too attractive. And based on your posted pictures, I can see that inside is very spacious but gives off a shoe store vibe to me.

  2. The outside of the store looks very large. I am surprised to see that you did not have many images. i definitely understand how you could have mistaken the wine store for a clothing store. I am sorry that you weren’t greeted with a better approach.

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