Wikipedia Experience.

I didn’t really enjoy this assignment because I was nervous about editing a Wikipedia page. I’ve never even thought about changing someone else’s work or posting something that everyone else was going to see.  I didn’t want to be wrong and then they would end up taking down my post. Another thing that I didn’t like was that I couldn’t say my own opinion about the topic I chose. When we started this class we stated our own opinions, and did close readings on poems and then shared our own thoughts about what we thought the poem meant; and in this assignment we couldn’t really do that. The most frustrating part was finding extra outside sources, I couldn’t really find much on my topic so it did get annoying at times. With all that said I do prefer this type of assignment instead of a term paper, but i just wish it didn’t have to do with Wikipedia. Maybe next time it could be like a complete blog post about our favorite poet or poem.

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