End of Semester Deadlines and Assignments

Thursday, May 10:
— Write a blog post reflecting on your wikipedia experience based on the in-class writing you did today
— Add your wikipedia page and a link to the wikipedia page you edited to our class project page

Tuesday, May 15: Review Day for Final Exam/Ongoing discussion

Thursday, May 17: Final exam, part 1 (take home)

Tuesday, May 22: Final exam, part 2 (in class)

Thursday, May 24: Final ceremonies

Final essay assignment (Due May 22)
In connection with your final essay assignment, here are the two poems you should be analyzing:

Galway Kinnell, “The Bear”

Jack Gilbert, “The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart”

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2 Responses to End of Semester Deadlines and Assignments

  1. windyj says:

    prof. Gold do we sent you the portfolio in your email?

  2. Prof. Gold says:

    You should send me the portfolio template via email (as you’ve already done). thanks.

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