Wikipedia: Broken Rhyme

I’ve chosen to update the Poetry stub, Broken Rhyme. It’s a very interesting trick of using fragments of words to rhyme with other words. Before this post, I’ve found two reputable sources that I’ll use for the stub.

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3 Responses to Wikipedia: Broken Rhyme

  1. Prof. Gold says:

    Great! What are the sources? Remember that I’m asking you to find them through the City Tech library databases and/or catalogue.

    Also, please note that you should not update Wikipedia yet; we’re going to go through some drafting in class first.

  2. Joju Qu says:

    Whoops! I’ve outsourced to other sites… Can I use one of these site links and then refer to the City Tech Library?

  3. Prof. Gold says:

    Let’s put aside, for a moment, the fact that the assignment is very specific about where you need to find your sources. What, in your estimation, makes the two links you’ve added above reliable sources?

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