Antipoetry Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare.

This poem was a great example of¬†anti poetry¬†due to the fact that it contain ¬†dark Humor as well as irony and sarcasm.¬†Shakespeare¬†is in a way ¬†making fun of his ¬†mistress appearance, and yet he seem to be intrigued by those same features which makes her unattractive. The poem is focus on the less appealing aspects of his mistress showing us how he truly views her. He went on to compare her to objects which were¬†beautiful¬†while¬†ironically¬†stating those same objects did not remind him of her instead of what she was not like. ¬†One would begin to wonder what was the benefits of having a mistress such as that one. And perhaps how unappealing was his wife for him to fall for a mistress who was so unattractive to him. He uses perfect example of imagery as well as you went on reading the poem you can actually picture how he viewed his mistress. An perfect example of¬†imagery¬†is when “I have seen roses damasked, red and white, But no such roses see I in her cheeks;” Than what was it that had brought the two of them together and made his love so rare. May be he is being¬†sarcastic¬†in that line stating ” And Yet by Heaven! I think my love as rare”. Is he trying to say him falling for her was a rare¬†occurrence¬†which he himself¬†could¬†not explain? Whatever the true reason being this poem really showed you what anti poetry is all about.

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