Philosophical Quote Response / Motto / Discourse communities

Philosophical Quote Response
1.Based on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote, I think the purpose of his message is to tell others to focus on the present rather than the past or the future. By focusing on the present then they can now see what is really of importance.
2.I believe that anyone can write philosophical statements is due to experiences that they want to try to convey to others.
3.I might expect to encounter these types of writing in some inspirational writing to possibly change someone.
4.I believe anyone can understand these philosophical excerpts because if the person is able to read it then there is a chance for the author’s message to be conveyed. Ralph Waldo’s possible audience can be directed towards people who are dwelling in the past or to focused on the future.
5.You can associate philosophical writing with people who want to give advice to people.
6.If I were to make my own life philosophy, I would include something about equality and respect. For me to be able to write a philosophical excerpt / quote then I probably would need some more life experience.
7.The types of writing that can help give advice about living could come from inspirational writing or from history.

Discourse Communities:
I believe that there are some discourse communities are given more power / voice in society than others because there are some communities that just have a larger influence on people.
Language does play a role in discourse communities because if someone is unable to understand what the people in that community could be saying therefore leading people to stray from that community. Depending on the language, it could impact someone’s identity because the language that the persons knows could only interact with people that also know that language (unless willing to trying to interact with other people who do not know the language.)


MOTTO: “Trust your Instincts. There’s a reason why your gut is rumbling.”

AUDIENCE: This motto would be for teens and up.

WHY: This motto would be for teens and up, because as we get older we make a lot of decisions and then we question ourselves, “Did I make the right decision? What if…?” These questions stick with us and even though we believe it doesn’t or don’t want to believe it, that thought is in the back of our minds. Teens and up can relate because we’re becoming adults, so now we’re left to make decisions on our own. We depend on ourselves. So, sometimes we question if we did the right thing or not.

Reminders for tomorrow

Hello all!  Please be sure to have the excerpt from the DSM4 and 5 printed with you in class (about personality disorders)–I had posted the link last week.  Also, if you did not already, please be sure to have completed the questions about your mottos based on the life philosophies discussion.  PLEASE also post one of your mottos on our page and who your audience might be, whom you might help the most with your ideas or words.  See you all tomorrow!!

Quote from “Navigating Genres”

“Too much  choice is as debilitating of meaning as is too little choice. In language, too much variation results eventually in lack of meaning: mutual unintelligibly” (Devitt, “Genre” 53) – pg 259

I find the quote to be helpful because it really is true how to little choice and how too much choice can stop a person from picking something. I have been in those types of situation and it really can be to hard to make a choice.