ENG1121 COMP II SPRING 2019 Section 421

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ENG1121 COMP II SPRING 2019 Section 421
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Spring 2019
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This is one of several sections of a new curriculum for English 1121 that is beginning this semester. In English 1121, we will continue the work we had begun in English 1101. This class aims to take the fundamental tools of writing, reading, research, and critical analysis further. The class will practice close reading and will learn how to approach texts from a variety of genres as well as learn about the idea of discourses and discourse communities. The class will involve assignments that allow us to engage with many types of media, including digital, and we will be asked to explore issues and problems that matter to us in our modern world. We will explore writing and research as a process and build research skills that can be applied to all areas of study. We will be able to develop our own ideas about writing that we can take with us into future academic and professional experiences. Students will engage in class discussion to strengthen critical thinking and develop the language to respond to a wide variety of texts, ideas, and societal issues.


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