Please post responses here about research questions and research–please post BEFORE our class on Tues, Oct 31st:

Please respond before our class on Tuesday, Oct 31st:

After thinking about some topics and discussing them in class, what do you plan to use as your research question? Please post your (tentative) research question here. Please also post the KEY WORDS that you will have to use for your research to find sources. Why do you think that your question is an important topic to learn about/what about it is significant for people to learn about?

Please also answer: what is one other topic that you have researched in the past (in high school or on your own, etc.)? Do you remember what kinds of sources that you found?


  1. Julio Verdugo

    Should the 2nd amendment be rewritten as present time is very different then the world was nearly 200 years ago? Keywords I can use is the “2nd Amendment” or “Supreme court cases”. I think my question is an important topic to learn as for the past years any citizen being able to bear arms during a time that isn’t considered war and so many deadly shootings happening around the U.S should question if the average citizen has the right to bear arms.

    Another topic that I have researched in the past is spies in the revolutionary war, the sources I found were all mainly online specifically the website I most used was

  2. Elina

    For my research question, I want to discuss Why is Mental Health treatment is not more enforced onto Prisoner inmates in the United States. keywords I can use is “Mental health treatment” or “problems of prison”. This question is very important to learn about because a lot of people end up in prison due to them putting themselves in a bad situation. Prisoners usually are going through mental health problems that they never had taken care of whether its money or just treatment not being accessible. If anything mental health should be the top priority in prisons because these inmates need guidance when it comes to their thoughts and impulses rather than putting them in a cell and expecting silence to be their punishment. This will just lead to more chaos mental and physically overtime.

  3. Nour Bahlool

    Do prisons intentionally make it difficult for prisoners to assimilate back into society after prison? Some keywords that can be used are “prison”, as well as “prisoners experiences”. This is a significant topic to be learned about because it isn’t something people typically think about and is important to know what is happening in the world even if it doesn’t directly affect you.

    A topic I researched in high school had to do with character archetypes and most of the sources I found were articles online.

  4. Elina

    I forgot to add, A topic I have researched in the past is the Holocaust and there were plenty of secondary sources to back up this tragedy. I also learned about the Holocaust museum by watching videos and it showed real artifacts from the time period. What really hurt my heart was seeing the prisoners belongings like thousands of shoes, luggages and cooking pots left behind.

  5. Christopher Ortega

    I will be writing about the history of hip hop and how it can be used as therapy or healing. A lot of people use music nowadays to heal for things they’re going through. For example stress, anxiety, breakups etc. So it can be used as healing through the lyrics because people can relate to them. I have a source from Columbia School of Social Work and I chose 2 quotes when they were talking about the 50 years of hip hop. The first one is about how hip hop made an influence and empowered communities. And the second one talks more about the history about hip hop. The first one says “Beyond its musical influence, hip-hop has made a profound impact on social work, empowering communities, advocating for social justice, and providing innovative approaches to therapy.” And the second one says “Hip-hop music culture is a product of African American, Afro-Caribbean and Latino inner-city communities plagued by poverty, the proliferation of drugs, and gang violence in the 1960s and early 1970s. By providing the youth with a sense of identity and belonging, Hip-Hop’s strong influence fosters a sense of unity. Marked by economic hardships, racial discrimination, and limited opportunities. In these challenging conditions, young artists turned to music, poetry, and dance to express their experiences and emotions.”.

  6. Kimberly

    My research question is how does lack of sleep affect our mental health? Some keywords that can be used to find resources is “hypothalamus” and “sleep studies”. I believe that my topic is important to learn about because as college students we sometimes might stay up late not knowing the effects it can have long term throughout our days. Another topic that I remember researching about was organizations that were created to help in our community, I remember finding sources online such as organization websites and newsletters.

  7. Eshal

    my research topic question is, “how does following the crowd affect teenagers negatively”. Some key words I could use are “follow the crowd” which will give me a search result of many articles explaining why and how and also use the keyword “psychology of teenagers”. I think this is important to learn about because many teenagers go down the wrong path because they meet wrong people and if we’re able to catch on fast and direct them the other way they might be able to avoid bad decisions/actions that end up harming others.

    I didn’t write a research paper for english in Highschool so this is my first time, and if I did I’m sure most of my sources would be from library books and online articles

  8. Rosdnier Grullon

    My research question is Are dogs the best pet option to have as pets in a family. The research I have done is that dogs can provide there owners with happiness and it really helps for people especially with depression to have a pet dog. This research question is important because it can help people see how important dogs are in the lives of other people. The topic I researched in the past in high school was Armed Teachers and I remember the sources where I got them from.

  9. fayzah

    My research question  Why is violence increasing in NYC?  it is important for people to learn about the increase in violence is Rising violence can have a direct impact on public safety. It poses a threat to the well-being and lives of residents, visitors, and businesses in the city. Understanding the nature and extent of this violence is essential for people to take precautions and make informed decisions to protect themselves and their communities.

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