Blog post May 6 – Technology

It’s March 11.  You have to write a letter to your former self about your experiences of taking Writing 021 in person and on line. Tell yourself what the benefits and disadvantages of learning under both circumstances are.  If you are taking other classes that meet the way we do, please include that information as well. If you are taking other classes that do not meet in person, write about that.  If you have been challenged by technology, discuss that element of the experience. If you have benefitted by saving money and time, like Ann Patchett and shopping, talk about that as well. This response should be a full paragraph. In addition as you start to read your classmates blog posts, please include their information into your own post. It is really important that you respond using a complete compare and contrast model.

April 22 Blog post-Preparing for the CATW

During a normal semester, when we are not all working on line, the CATW test is given in a room where you have your paper dictionaries, several writing utensils, a passage and a blue book to write your answers. You will have 90 minutes to respond to the passage. As you know the first step is to read the passage and annotate on it. Reading and annotating, outline development and summarizing should take no longer than 20-25 minutes.  Explain in a few sentences what you plan to do in an on line test in which you will be subject to the same time requirements, but completing all the work in your notebook. How will you manage the time? Since you can’t annotate on the passage, how will you prepare yourself for writing your passage within the same time frame?

April 20 blog post Clutter

You have now spent nearly a month closed in your homes.  in that time, you have had an opportunity to figure out what makes you most comfortable. Do you prefer to have a house filled to the top with items that make you happy? Or do you think that being as neat as possible with empty space is more appealing to you. Determine which you value you more and explain why.