Writing post May 1 Comparing sports cultures

IN Ready, Set, Go, the writer describes American sports culture from a multitude of angles.  Can you provide a comparison between American sports culture and the culture of sports in your native culture?

7 thoughts on “Writing post May 1 Comparing sports cultures”

  1. I think the culture sport in my native country is football. In my native country, people love to watch football games but not like Americans. Americans think sports are very important to them, however, the people in my native country, I think they don’t play sports only watch the game because I never see them play. Therefore, Americans plunged into their sports with huge enthusiasm.

  2. The difference American sports culture and the culture of sports in my native culture is that in my home country they are more interested in soccer rather than the other sports. They Put all their attention on practicing soccer , so they can represent our country. However, In America people are more into baseball and baseball. Most American men prefer to be a professional baseball player, which they set working out routines that are going to lead them to success.

  3. The culture sport in my native country is Baseball and I think in America too, its very interesting because in some way these too culture in somehow can connect. We share the same passion and the excitement in all our games.

  4. In my native culture, athletes need to go to a school that is learning sports, and they need training when they are in little. Also, the football game is different from the American. On the other hand, American people are encouraging people to join a sports game.

  5. I don’t have much idea about American sports culture. I know some sports team like National football league, National basketball association, Major league baseball and National hockey league. In my home country have Bangladesh national cricket team, Bangladesh primiar league for football which are popular in world wide. specially Bangladesh cricket team is my favourite one. I also proud of my bangladesh cricket team because they bring us so many winning.

  6. Sports play an important role in American society. In every city, town, and neighborhood in America, no matter the size, everyone sees the basketball courts softball and baseball field, football fields. In my native culture, they play cricket. cricket is the most popular game in my native culture. In my native culture people only interest in cricket.

  7. In my opinion, the people in my native country are not like sports as Americans. In about 5 years ago, that’s not a lot of people like to do exercise either at home or outside. Especially, most of girl doesn’t like any sports. Also, that’s not a lot of free public space for exercise and go to GYM is very expensive in China. However, in The United States, I see more people like to do exercise and we have a lot of public spaces for sports. The interesting I found is that both of Americans and Chinese are like to spend money for buying tickets and memento from sport games.

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