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Course Description

This course focuses on developing language and academic writing skills.  Students will practice reading for comprehension and drafting, revising and summarizing skills.  They will polish their grammar with a focus on creating academic level complex sentence structure while avoiding sentence fragments and run-ons.  Students will work extensively on paragraph and essay organization, and on writing multiple drafts of proofread, edited and reedited essays.  


Course Objectives

  • Write a well-organized and coherent discussion essay in response to a college level text
  • Write a narrative essay
  • Develop a response essay using outside sources
  • Develop effective thesis statements and topic sentences
  • Identify key ideas from the reading and discuss them in essays
  • Quote from the original text to support his/her own opinion or view
  • Use general knowledge or personal examples to support that view
  • Integrate his/her own ideas with those expressed by the authors in various texts
  • Use brainstorming and outlining strategies in pre-writing practice
  • Edit essays for content and organization
  • Proofread essays for grammar and mechanics
  • Broaden general knowledge base by doing extensive reading
  • Develop successful discussion of issues from texts
  • Refer to the text using supporting evidence by paraphrasing or using direct quotations
  • Learn patterns of writing that can be used to respond to questions effectively
  • Practice transition strategies that will assist in writing logical essays
  • Acquire test-taking strategies geared to time allocation and organization