City Tech’s LGBTQIA+ Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Event

The LGBTQIA+ Wikipedia Edit-a-thon was a success!

A group of nine diverse individuals standing and smiling towards the camera.

Yesterday, April 11th, I attended the event to help out placing up directional signs, helping with the sign-in sheets, and greeting attendees at the door.

A white background image with a Wikipedia Globe in the middle that highlights the word 'LGBT' in a rainbow color. On top of the globe, there is a text that says 'LGBTQIA+ Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Event.' Below the globe is a text that says, 'You Are Here.'

One of the few directional signs that I made                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

An image of the outside of the event room showing desks, chairs, and attendees sitting.


The Wiki Edit-a-thon room 


An image of a table filled with books, name tags, pamphlets, and a sign-up sheet for the event.

The sign in desk where I worked mostly throughout the

event. We had free book pamphlets for attendees to take

and had an array of books from City Tech’s LGBTQIA+

section in the library.


The turnout for the event was surreal. Many dedicated Wikipedia editors outside of City Tech joined the commencement of editing missing LGBTQIA+ content on Wiki. Everyone helped each other out, and it felt like we were family.

An image showing a room filled with people using computers.                                                                                                             An image of two attendees talking to one another next to a table filled with catered food.

We had a guest speaker named Anthony Amiewalan, who shared his coming out story and presented his written and drawn pieces of work. I found his work very inspirational as his creations dived deep into personal feelings.

An image of two illustrated books written by the author Anthony Amiewalan.

         Here are two pieces of work that Anthony Amiewalan shared with us at the event

I wanted to participate in the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, so I created an entire Wikipedia Page from scratch for an artist named Alteronce Gumby. Down below, you can find the link to the Wikipedia Page that I worked on at the event.

Alteronce Gumby – Wikipedia

I really enjoyed this event and I am so grateful that I was able to attend and help out.

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