Fuse Lab Presents at the 3DEA Fab Lab Event

Presenters at the 3DEA Fab Lab Event, which included Brian Ringley of Fuse Lab (second from left), Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos (left-most) of Studio Mode/modeLab [ ], Matt Griffin of Adafruit (pictured with mic) and more!

3DEA is a holiday pop up event hosted by the Eventi Hotel and presented by NYOpenhouse, Shapeways, Ultimaker, and Up!. The event runs from November 29th through December 27th and features talks, workshops, and exhibits centered around breakthroughs in desktop 3D printing and maker culture.

As part of this event 3DEA hosted an event called Fab Lab! to bring together some of NYC’s most knowledgeable people and institutions in 3D printing. The Fuse Lab’s Fabrication Lab Coordinator Brian Ringley was honored to get the chance to show the NYC maker community some of the amazing things that City Tech students are doing with additive machining in the context of a revamped architectural technology curriculum that places focus on, among other areas, advances in computation and fabrication in the AEC industry.

See below for Brian’s slides from the 3DEA Fab Lab event:

For an official write-up on the event, check out the NYOpenhouse blog:

3DEA Fab Lab Talk w/ School of Visual Arts, New York College of Technology, Alpha One Labs and more

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