Sharing large files on the OpenLab

The OpenLab was conceived as a hub for sharing information and ideas.

Data-heavy files, such as video and audio, are not stored in a folder on a user’s web server, but rather on YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud or similar sites that are dedicated to this use. In the same vein, if you need to share large files or a large numbers of files on the OpenLab, best practice dictates that you house this data on a free, external storage solution.

Sharing Web-Ready Images (jpgs, pngs, gifs):

Large numbers of web-ready files, such as jpgs, pngs, gifs, can also be embedded on your site using links from Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, Slideshare, and others. You can find instructions on embedding images from services like Flickr, Dropbox, or Google Drive on our help page, Adding Images to your Site.



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workshop hours: Bala

Sat: 9am – 3pm tepm.

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BT3 desk-crit/ help sessions

Below please find the BT3 desk-crit/ help session sign up list for this Saturday.  We will meet in Room V834, as we did 2 weeks ago.

If you are unable to attend, need to change your timeslot, or would like to sign up, please contact me in advance at

Saturday, 11/23
12:00-12:20 Alijan Sethy
12:20-12:40 Sandra Hung
12:40-1:00 Faraz Siddiqui
1:00-1:20 Mathew Mantilla
1:40-2:00 Maryanna Basyul
2:00-2:20 Stephan Monereau
2:30-3:30 Pablo Morelo

Best regards,

Jieun Yang

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help sessions

The CLT Jieun Yang Will be available for help session on the following days:
Sat, Nov 9
Sun, Nov 10
Sat, Nov 23
Sun, Nov 24

Sign up for 30-45 min period for individual troubleshooting/ crit session

Via email:

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LJArchitects_Cladding Systems_Metal Sheathing/Terra Cotta


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Endirichard Jolalpa Composite Wood Facade

._Composite Wood Paneling1

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Drawing set


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A101-105 Submission Set

Walkiria Cabrera – Sheet – A101 – Site Plan Walkiria Cabrera – Sheet – A102 – Zoning Envelope Walkiria Cabrera – Sheet – A103 – Building Massing Walkiria Cabrera – Sheet – A104 – Structural Skeleton Walkiria Cabrera – Sheet – A105 – North and West Elevations


Sorry i was late i had trouble understanding revit and i don’t have this program at home. my apologies.

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my zoning and masses

teamPLM – Sheet – A101-0 – Zoning Envelope teamPLM – Sheet – A101-1 – Mass

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i couldnt get my zoning envelope on a sheet. i have the work done

teamPLM – Sheet – A103-0 – Elevations teamPLM – Sheet – A102-0 – 3D skeleton teamPLM – Sheet – A100-0 – Site

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