Welcome to the Fuse Lab

City Tech student works on “tweet-sized” code using Processing during a mini-workshop by Toru Hasegawa of Proxy at the 2012 CATALYSTS Computational Slam!

Fuse Lab: Collaborative Education for Tomorrow’s Technology in Architecture, Engineering & Construction is a collaborative curriculum project funded by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technology Education grant program.

The Fuse Lab Project is made up of five primary components that address the ever-diversifying technological needs of the AEC industry:

To reinforce these target areas, several events are put on each year to demonstrate how the software skills and theoretical knowledge picked up in the classroom translates into actual practice:

The Project relies heavily on the input of outside professionals to ensure that the curriculum allows our students to meet today’s industry needs and shape the future of the allied professions:

In addition to this website there are several satellite websites for digital media assistance where students and the public can download software primers, tutorials, template files, and more:

You can stay connected with the Fuse Lab project through one of our various social media outlets:

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