Community Survey Report

I am M. Gong. After I do a survey to my community, Brighton Beach, it surprises me because some of the conditions I did not expect attracts my attention. It is strange to see that majority of people are elderly on the street and unemployed rate is high. The housing condition and living environment are poor if comparing the communities that next to it. However, the transportation such as trains and buses are easy to be taken. The community has developed variously. People can communicate in other language such as Russian instead of English. The government provides public service such as Russian instead of English. The government provides public service such as safety, health and education adequately. In fact, the ratio of population of aging people on Brighton Beach community (11235) is high than the average of the United States and the average of family income is low than the nation’s. Even though most the people belong to low class, the crime ration has decreased gradually these years. A big number of aging people increases the health burden of the local government, but it creates more job opportunities for local residents. Without doubt, the cultural and racial diversity will be more serve when more immigrants move into the community. And more local residents will move out the community which is possible to raise the rent and improve the housing condition and living improvement. More people only know foreign language rather than English and keep their tradition in the community; it causes many problems when these people get the health service. It is better for public health facilities in this region to hire more nurses who know their languages in order to avoid making problems of communication. Meanwhile, hospitals and clinical should provide more opportunities for nurses to teach patients some common hygiene. If elderly or children know how to protect themselves, it is effective to decrease the burden of health of government. After observing the neighborhood, there are many advanced public service are found in the community, it is still valuable for me to live here.

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  1. Natalie Granados says:

    Hi Mingjie, I spend some time in Brighton Beach myself and have noticed what you mentioned about hygiene. That is something that a nurse should educate about. However, the nurse should include the health benefits of such practices as an effort to increase compliance with the suggestions. You mentioned prevention education. This would be fantastic because, though I do not go to Coney Island Hospital except for emergencies, I have been there on a few occasions and it takes forever and a day to be attended. The nurse could try to come up with an efficient plan to reduce the wait time for the clients. This would make people be in a better mood when going to receive medical attention and would probably not wait as the long as they do to seek it.

  2. leighparis55 says:

    I also live in a predominately Russian community, however, the older people live with their families as a normal way of life. There doesn’t appear to be a high rate of unemployment. The streets are very busy in the morning with residents leaving for work and the area has few pedestrians during business hours. All the clinics and stores have Russian speaking employees for the elders who don’t speak English. But most people speak English in my neighborhood.

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